Showpiece Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd is a family owned company that was established in July 2001 by a dynamic sister & brother team – Belinda Smyth & Paul Palenzuela. Over the years Paul & Belinda have proudly built Showpiece Commercial Cleaning to a point where the company’s reputation says it all! With the majority of their clientele being long term clients, this is due to the qualities outlined in the Showpiece Commercial Cleaning mission statement of believing that great ethics, professional yet personal & quality service combined with long term, reliable employees will create relationships of longevity.

One thing Paul & Belinda have noticed over the years is that most clientele like the option of Showpiece Commercial Cleaning not only providing cleaning services, but offers you as the client a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your building facility needs! The service provided can include, however not limited to; supply of kitchen, bathroom & office supplies & consumables, changing of light globes, lawn mowing / gardening & managing your waste / recycling /sanitary services.This intern means that instead of your accounts department receiving & having to input & pay numerous invoices, it is all itemised onto one monthly invoice. Less paperwork for you the client!

Paul & Belinda have also instilled into Showpiece Commercial Cleaning, its managers, supervisors & its employees that we are not just performing a service – We are all problem solvers! Whether you are looking for a more eco-friendly cleaning service or have an event coming that you may need assistance with! At Showpiece Commercial Cleaning we can assist with anything you may need!